This New Year’s I had a moment. You know, when you find yourself somewhere and everything just clicks? As though you are meant to be here at this one spot in this massive world at this very moment? Out of all the places and with all the people you’re meant to be with or meet – this is where you belong. 

It was a cold Saturday morning in January and as I looked out into this beautiful city, this amazing place full of life and opportunity, I felt the most relaxed and content in a long time. I forgot all of my problems, my worries and my fears and just embraced everything around me. I felt at home. 

Standing at the top of the Empire State Building that morning inspired me. It made me realise that what I want more than anything is to live in a city alive with character and dreams as NYC. With my wonderful guy by my side, staring out at the mass of city stretched as far as my eye could see, I finally saw my future for myself. After months of feeling lost and as though I’d lost myself, for a brief moment I finally found it. 

Massive – a daily prompt. 


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